Saturday, 15 April 2017

Easter Bunny Cupcakes!

Hello my darlings, finally a recipe up on Auburn Em. I recently put a poll up on twitter (@auburn_em) about what you guys wanted to see and recipes/tutorials got the most votes. So that got me thinking, along with Rhianna Olivia's (Previously Robowecop) suggestion I came up with baking, also its Easter so duh Easter Cupcakes.


For the batter:
-115g Sugar 
-115g Butter (I use marg)
-2 Eggs
-115g Flour 
-2 tsp Vanilla extract 

For the topping:
-500 ml Whipping cream
-20g Icing sugar 
-4 tbsp Desiccated coconut  
-Fondant for the ears 


1) Once you've weighed out all your ingredients and placed your bun cases in a muffin tin, add the butter and sugar into a bowl and mix until completely combined. 

2)Then add the eggs, it will look wrong at first but once you add the flour it sorts itself out. Once you add the flour mix well so that all the lumps are mixed out of existence. After that add your vanilla in and mix well.

3) Put the tray into the oven at 180 degrees and I don't want to give you an exact time because all ovens cook differently but check on them after 15 minutes to see if the tops are golden and if they are stab a knife into one. If the knife comes out clean then they done if not give em another 5 mins mate. 

4) While letting the cupcakes cool, itsa bout time to make de topping! Whisk the cream preferably with a electric whisk because I used a regular one and my arms fell off. Once it's stiff and able to hold its shape then add the icing sugar and coconut. Because of the coconut it may be hard to pipe so i used my spatula spread it on and tried to make most of the cream stay central. 

5) For the bunny ears take some white fondant, role it out thinly about the width of a 50p. To get the shape of ear i took a metal circle cutter and pushed it to make more of an oval shape, then i used the smallest part of the oval cutter for the pink parts. I would highly recommend leaving the fondant to dry to become hard before placing them on the cakes. 

Then voila! You got yourself some cute ass tasty ass cupcakes, let me know if you have any questions or come into any problems you can DM on insta or twitter, the links are on the sidebar. Anyway thankyou my lovelies let me know if you want more of these. 

Have a brill Easter, Thanks,
Em x 


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