Thursday, 6 April 2017

It's Okay To Not Have Your Sh*t Together

First of all let this photo soothe you, Its very pretty and the colours are on point. I've been a bit all over the place at the minute and here on Auburn Em we love to talk about how messy our (my) lives are. 
Now maybe that's a little dramatic my life is pretty bloody great, great family, great friends but I still feel a little lost sometimes. I'm in my first year of sixth form and It's hard, REALLY hard especially at the minute since exams are in May. Even though there is no direct pressure on me to do well yet I feel nowadays there's a strong panic in everyone to get the best grades and get into uni and find the perfect career. It's a non-stop cycle of homework and revision and  just being in school. Its hard to feel motivated when you're stuck in this cycle however I've realised the best way to look at it is that its not going to last forever. I work hard now so that It helps me in the future. So if you're feeling swamped by the workload, don't worry just make sure you're working towards something you love or will love.

Another thing that's shit in life and hard to control. MON$Y. Yes the dollar, I earn the most £18 a week, I know what you're thinking "At least its something". You're right but I love fashion, make up, books and food. All things in life that you have to pay for, sadly. I don't have the most experience when it comes to working but for myself I know I hate it, I'm not built for high pressured environments I am the best me when I have time and I'm just doing something I love. However life isn't always as easy as doing the things you love, you have to do boring things sometimes to lead you to your happy places. It sucks but it's life. I find myself stuck not being able to go out with friends or buy my family the best presents on their birthdays, I mean I want to go on holiday this year but its not going to happen. When you think about it money very much rules our lives, its our boundaries and our opportunities. It stops our lives and starts it, It's sad to think how much control it has over everyone. God this post is going deep real fast. Money doesn't always mean happiness, experiences make happiness however sometimes you need money to create those experiences. 

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed my personal advice is take a day, organise things. If your space is messy clear it. If you feel sluggish go for a walk. If you need to sleep, SLEEP. Life's too short to be constantly worried and tied down to unnecessary stresses. Don't worry it's not the end of the world. 

Thanks, Em x


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