Sunday, 23 April 2017

Netflix: New loves and Old favourites

Wagwan lovelies! So I have LITERALLY been planning to this post for years and I don't know why it's taken me this long but here we are! Finally a post on my new discoveries and those films or series I've been watching for years.

1) Ru Paul's Drag Race: Maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea but where Ru Paul's concerned the only thing tea is doing is being spilled OKURRRR. I AM IN LOVE. I mean its the most perfect thing ever, I watched a couple of episodes then stopped for months but revisited it the other day and haven't paused since. Its basically America's Next top model but with Drag Queens who are as fierce as they come and will cut a bitch to become Americas Next Drag Superstar. 10/10 

2) Louis Theroux Docs.: Louis is my man, I love him. His documentaries are the most entertaining, gripping and interesting things I've ever witnessed. I'm not just saying that he goes way past his comfort zone. I mean he was sat with a group of Nazi's once while they demanded to know if he is a Jew (He is) and he stayed so calm considering. I've been watching his documentaries for a couple of years now, I sometimes re-watch my favourites and I still love them more and more each time. 

3) Riverdale: New to 2017, this programme is a murder mystery set in a small american town where coincidentally everyone's drop dead gorgeous and Cole Sprouse lives there... I'll have a one way ticket pls. It just keeps you on the end of your seat while also being a fun and relaxing show, hope that makes sense. All I mean is that you don't have to put every brain cell into trying to figure shit out its just enjoyable and a teenagers dream. 

4) Burlesque: The film of glitz and glamour, I always find myself watching this again when I'm in the mood. I just love the songs and the visuals of the movie it's so different to what I usually like. Christina Aguilera's voice is the closest thing I come to believing in angels. 
Strong 8/10

So there you have it my dears the things that I find absolutely SICKENING (Watch RuPaul then you'll get it) Just want to say all photos are straight from google images except the top one. 
Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for what I should watch next! 

Thanks, Em x 


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