Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Primark Miracle Sunglasses

Thought I'd do some old skool blogging and write a lil post on these beautiful glasses I got last week because I love em that much. 

I was buying some fitness clothes when I looked over at the dishevelled sunglasses shelf, these ones caught my attention. I love the colour to start off with, that pink to gold ombre metallic effect is so pretty and is a quick and simple way of incorporating colour into any outfit. The shape I've decided is one that suits me well as its not fully round but there not aviators either which I've found make my face look all droopy. I have some in black in this shape and I'm really happy I've a more summery pair.

Well Well WEll lets get to the best part shall we? THEY WERE THREE GOD DAMN POUNDS! I mean no joke, they were literally cheap as chips. They don't look or feel cheap at all though, they are heavy and metal so you dont get that awful plastic feeling that normally comes with cheapy glasses. Overall very happy with what I got for how much I paid. 10/10 primark, lotta love.

Thanks, Em x


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