Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Style And How It Can Be Difficult To Find Yours

Ugh I'm Ill and not really in the mood at the minute however I haven't posted in a while and want to start being more organised and regular with my posts. I'm also wanting to spice up my content as well, I'm losing passion for blogging and that's okay but I want to fix it and fall back in love. 

Over the years I have worn some bloody awful outfits. In year 6 my favourite ensemble was elasticated jeans from Voi and a pink hooded flannel which Nike black and white high tops. I know right? Sexy. However over the years this tom boy style has kinda stuck with me, My uniform from 2012 to 2015 was jeans and a t-shirt. I know what you're thinking, that's not tom boy. Yet when other girls wore vests and legging or tight fitting clothes, I'd be in my brothers old jeans and a t-shirt with some cartoon character on it which is swinging towards societies view of male clothing.
 However in the last year I've slipped into a style of my own. 

I love vintage, new trends, sports wear and all things denim, I find it difficult to pin point a style that I don't like. I mean of course I don't like certain looks or trends but overall I find myself loving bits and pieces from everywhere. My looks are a jumble of style put together.

My outfit SO depends on my mood and how I'm feeling, one day I'll want to be all colourful and have some floral/light shades on like in the first picture of the three. Then there are days where I wear all black expect for a statement piece, like the middle photo. Finally we all have those day where we really cant be arsed with making a huge effort, those are the days when I rely on my jacket collection. 

I've have this thing in my head where I feel I need to show off my body more and be what people would say 'girly'  but that's not really me, not yet anyways. I don't like skirts very much and I feel uncomfortable in showy tops, don't get me wrong every now and again I like to look like a sexy gal but day to day gimme a t-shirt and mom jeans and I'm off. 

I think as people it is hard to find a style because of that battle in our heads of what we want to wear and what we think other people want us to wear. Like don't hold back from those glitter pants just because someone might look at you cos they don't like them. Screw strangers looks. There's also the issue now with people wanting to be on trend, Like if you ain't showing some fishnet realness are you even fashionable? The answer is fuck yes. Wear whatever you want, if that's fishnets then yes beautiful love that trend, if its vintage Adidas trackies then yas dude rock that shit. Just wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. We look best when we look like ourselves. 

Let me know what your Style is and what your FAVE staple pieces are in the comments! 

Thanks, Em x 



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