Friday, 28 April 2017

The Skin Care Holy Trinity

Hello my dears, YAY ITS THE BANK HOLIDAY! Honestly I've never a break so much in my life, I say that every holiday but its v true in all cases. Tonight It's all about those products you use so much that the packaging scratches off, luckily due to aesthetic purposes all these products are pretty new. So here's those favourites I ALWAYS go back to the shop for. 

First up The Body Shop's Vitamin E Overnight Serum, now onto my second bottle this magic oil is what I use once I've cleansed my face after a long day of stress. It makes you look like a shining star but get ready for your oily looking face when using front flash on SnapChat. This not only helps my dry ass skin from going flaky it also gives me that glowy dewy look when I wake up in a morning. Now I have this beauty that potato looking back at me is a lil bit more fine. I should probs say something sciencey about Vitamin E, according to google it helps with keeping your face wrinkle free and youthful so winner winner chicken dinner right? 

Next up is Garnier's Cleansing Micellar Water, It gets rid of makeup so easily. I mean of course you still need to put a bit of graft in but it doesn't leave any greasy oily feeling after you've used it. My dear friend Liv used it once and her skin reacted a little bad to it so if you have sensitive skin I'd maybe be a little careful. Other than that it leaves a really fresh feeling and get's rid of that hard to budge makeup. 

Finally, The deodorant of Christmas past. I say this as I only seems to have it for about 2 months after Christmas but oh god those two months. I legit cannot find it anywhere, It must be a limited set at chrimbo. Its such a good deodorant, It stays all day and stops the sweaty betty situation. The smell is also really nice and fresh so it doesn't choke you out when you're spraying it. 

Well folks that's it for tonight, sorry if this post is a little bit energetic and all over the place, I have consumed  A LOT of caffeine in the past 3 hours and its really getting to me. Anyways much love.

Thanks, Em x


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