Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Pressures Of Blogging

This week has been really hectic for me meaning Auburn Em wasn't really a priority, I thought it'd be different having the week off but life has been far too busy for me to get content out and schedule tweets. Because of this I've had a massive lull in blog motivation. 

I think I'm at the point where I can safely and confidently call myself a blogger and It's really not as easy as my 14 year old self thought it was going to be when I created "14 and Over". The blogging world has hugely changed since 2014 in terms of photography, content and expectations. Some for the better but also a lot for the worse. 

Photography- Speaking for myself my pictures have become so much better, but not because I thought "these photos are rubbish" It was more due to the photos I've been seeing and what reactions they're getting. I know where not supposed to compare ourselves to others but with blogging its hard not to do that as we are constantly surrounded by those who are more successful or experienced at photos. I myself see these people and feel inspired by their accomplishments but there is always that thought of "Why can't my pictures be that good". Whenever I'm thinking of putting a pic on Insta I think: Is it clear enough? Is there something of value in it? Will people even care about this photo? There is this pressure inside me and I'm sure a lot of you to have the most Interesting yet unique, clear but arty photos. The audience on Instagram and Twitter have become so much harder to entice over the years that It becomes a chore to post a photo. I know we shouldn't care about views or likes but for me I want my blog to succeed I want this to be my job one day, therefore when something I put a lot of effort into doesn't get the response I was expecting I feel immensely defeated. 

Content- I've been having a little mini battle in my mind recently about my content, I made a schedule for my blog for the next month of things I want to write about but is it what readers want to hear? Every time I post I think, Is this groundbreaking? Could this help anyone? Will this make people clink the link? Most of the time it's a no to every single question but why should it always be yes', I hear you saying "It's your blog talk about what you want!" And yes I do, but again this is like a part time job for me so I need to know what does well and what doesn't. I had an Epiphany earlier this week in which I realised when I just blog when and what I want my views increase but when I try make good content and interest people I'm lucky to get 30 views a day. Which seems crazy but I guess that's when I show people what I want to talk about and they respond to that better. Again there's the urge to compare myself to others but I don't want to force out the same content just because I think It'll do well, I want to write a 300 word post about how freaking amazing a book is or a whole post entirely dedicated to one piece of clothing. That's how blogging was when I started, I mean I freaking wrote a whole post on teabags once. So what I'm trying to explain is that I'm stuck not knowing what my content actually is, what it should be and what I want it to be.

I think I rambled on long enough but please feel free to join me in this discussion in the comments because if you have any advice or can relate to this It'd be great to hear. 

Thanks for reading lovelies, Em x 

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