Wednesday, 3 May 2017

10 Tips To Get You Through Life

Life can be a real arse ache sometimes, It can paralyse you with happiness or send you back to bed not wanting to deal with the day. We all have our ups and downs, some more than others but remember not everyone always shows their issues.Some people hide them and we need to realise that everyone's going through stuff so always be understanding and fair.
That brings me onto my 10 Tips to get yo ass through life. Some may be relevant others maybe not but read on. Enjoy mini Em pic, WELLIESFORDAYZ. 

1) When you feel like the worlds against you: Go for a walk, go to sleep, watch your fave TV and eat something good. I've felt like this a lot, in most cases it'll pass if not, SPEAK to someone honestly get that shit out of you, people will want to listen.

2) Don't react to something until you've left it for 24hr. If the problem hasn't been resolved or you're still salty then fair enough fight your corner. Not all issues deserve a reaction but if they do, give 'em hell.

3) Girls can be the worst or the best. Find the right ones.

4) Wear what you want and feel comfortable in, if you do your confidence will show and your happiness will beam out of you.

5) Boys/Girls aren't the end of the world, seriously.

6) There's life after secondary school, I know it doesn't feel like it but believe me one day you will be free. (can't wait to get out of the prison of education, amma right?)

7) Don't let people persuade you out of what you want to do. I mean if you ask for an opinion be ready to listen but if you 100% want something, GO FREAKING GET IT.

8) You don't always have to join in with gossip or rumours, we're all curious but sometimes its nice to keep quiet.

9) If you're not happy in a relationship whether it's a friend or other then sort it out. You cannot live your life unhappy because of someone else. You can either tell them and fix it or just get them out of your lives cos life is too short to be sad.

10) This last one is helping me a lot lately, FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS. Don't let anyone drag you down or distract you, you want to be playing arenas with your band in 5 years? DO IT. You wanna create your own business? WHO'S STOPPING YOU. It's sad but lots of people will have doubts or will be betting against you but use that as fuel prove them wrong, you can do anything if you find the determination and passion to get you there.

Those are some of the things that have helped me a lot, mainly in the last year to 6 months but if I could have told 12 year old Emily this it would have changed a lot of things for me, some for the better. If you have anymore tips for me or other readers then leave them down below. 

Thanks, Em x 

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