Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Few Of My Favourite Things

This is my second post I'm writing in one day, GIRLBOSS mode activated. It wont be up on the same day but it still counts! I took the photo for this post forever ago but here I am finally writing it. I've got so much content idea at the minute I have no idea where I am but I guess that's a good things. Y'all ain't ready for Auburn Em right now. 

First up Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh- I'm pretty sure It's gone off cos I got this around 5 years or more ago so It lasts around 5 seconds BUT THOSE 5 SECONDS THO. It's got a subtle floral smell and I dont mean you can't smell it (when its not off) I mean it's not overpowering. If I could smell one scent my whole life it would be this, and that's why It's one of my favourite things. I spray it on me when I'm stressed, pissed off or I just want to smell like a fantasy dream meadow for 5 seconds.

Next on my list is Sunglasses in particular the Primark sunglasses of dreams. I wrote a whole post on these beauties . They deserved a post dedicating to them, okay they deserve it. I discovered that this shape is the one from me Its funky and isn't completely round, my dad thinks this shape makes my face look fat but what does a 50 plus year old man know about my jazzy glasses. I think the fact that he doesn't like them makes me love them even more and I always wear them when I go see him, God em your such a teen rebel. They were also £3 winner right?

Fujifilm Instax Mini, are you really a blogger if you dont have one of these? Yes you are this shit is expense to keep filling with film heck I have to sell an organ each time I buy 20 shots. But holy crap it's so worth it I LOVE the photos and how they look. I mean it's such a basic bitch thing but there's a reason everyone and their dog love polaroid, there so frickin pretty.

Onto Yankee Candle Tealight in 'Champaca Blossom' I'm gonna start with THEY FREAKING DISCONTINUED THIS BITCH okay I'm not happy that they stopped creating my favourite candle scent, not happy at all. It's weird but now that I think about it the scent smells very similar to the Marc Jacob perfume. Just a light floral scent that gives your room a fresh vibe and I love it and I only have some much of it left before it's gone forever. I'll miss you.

And Finally, My fam. I know, something you can't buy, choose or change. I am beyond lucky with the group of humans I was forced to be related to. Sure sometimes I could fight the shit out of them but these people have honestly changed and raised me which I'll forever be grateful for. My Mum has given my want to be strong, my Dad my want to succeed, my Brother my want to always be honest, my Grandma my want to travel EVERYWHERE and my Granddad my want to always put a smile on the face of those around me. I talk about those five the most as they are the ones I see every week, some every day and they motivate and inspire me to be my best self. It hurts me when people aren't close or in contact with their family because It's one of life's aspects that can make or break you and I consider myself eternally lucky for my family making me.

So there you have it, My Favourite Things. I hope you enjoyed this read. 

Thanks always my lovelies, Em x

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