Friday, 5 May 2017

Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Space

Hello lovelies! Its me Em, how y'all doing? I'm feeling great at the minute, got a fun weekend planned with some time with my gals and some relaxing time to get some work done. Today's post is all about how to make your space a little bit more you. 

1) Plants Baby! They seriously liven up any room, not only do they add colour but they force me to open my curtains to let all the sun in. Ya know, so they don't die. Therefore my room is more airy and light, just having those pops of green throughout the room brings it to life, literally. I got my plants from IKEA and the white pot also from IKEA my lovelies.

2) The smelly stuff. I'm talking pretty ass candle holders and diffusers alike. Candles are for lighting when your either chilling or your room gets that stuffy smell when you know its needs a hoover and dust. However with diffusers there's no danger of burning the whole house down, you just have to swap the reeds around each week. I got mine from Primark for A POUND. Such good value as always. I'm sorry dears I have no idea where the candles are from Santa bought me them for Chrimbo.

3) Jars for dayz. When storing things like rings which are pretty its a shame to put them in a box somewhere. By putting them in a jar you can see them and Its not taking up too much room or being over the top with colour. You can use any jar, they sell them everywhere nowadays, there's just SO much choice. 

4) Use what you've got. Things like Fuji instax's are so pretty and a block colour so can be easily shown in your room and 'displayed'. I say it like that because one of the main reasons mines on show is cos I have no where else to put it, my room is v v little. 

5) Find some unique treasures. I found this copper lamp at a garden sale, I think I paid about a fiver for it and it needed cleaning up so bad as there was wax everywhere. It's so great to find things that are one, cheap and two, different to what you'd find elsewhere. They add character to any room and also double up as a great statement piece. 

That's it for tonight lovelies, hope you enjoyed. I'm IN LOVE with how the photos came out, finally getting back into my groove. Thank you to those who I've met recently in the blogging community if your reading gals I love ya

Thanks, Em x 



  1. I love this post, so good for inspiration for my tiny uni room!

    And the pictures are fab!

    I was thinking of buying an instax, or another type of polaroid camera I just love how the pictures turn out!
    The scent of that diffuser sounds soo good, next time I'm in primark I def have to pick one up!

    1. Thanks angel! I loved how these turned out! I'd deffo recommend getting one they're brill and those diffusers are well worth it xx


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