Sunday, 14 May 2017

What Is The Education System Doing?

Wagwan lovelies, I think I've said that enough now for it to be a stable introduction. Today's post has been brewing for a while now *kinda gross analogy* when considering the title I've wanted to write this post for over 5 years. There's lots of great things you get out of school such as friends, knowledge and experiences. There are however a lot of shitty things about Education too. 

I've already spoken about my time in school in terms of boys, friends and thangs in this post. Today we're talking about the education system and how it affects near to every child in the UK.

We're sent to school from what the age of 5? and each year from then determines whether we are going to be an academic success. Some people say you can still be in the top classes if you just try really hard later on. But actually you need to be the highest all the way through to get into the higher classes the next year. When it comes to success in school I'm not talking the worlds greatest singer or race car driver, I mean a success in the form of grades and motivation rankings. In the letters from A* down to F. From Primary on wards we get judged on how we spell, speak in front of others or how quickly we can rap our brains around the mental labyrinth that is Algebra. Not on our kindness or willingness to be a better person. No you can be an arsehole but its okay as long as you passed that English test. I mean sure the bad kids get their punishment but lets be honest its only so they try harder in class and get better grades.

A year of over 200 hundred children all tested in the same way, everyone in the world has a unique mind and yet the government want us all to sit hours and hours of exams to see if we fit the expectation of Education. To be great at complex sentences, to crack the Pythagoras theorem and to remember all important dates of the Victorians public health methods. Not everyone works like that, some people can't remember pages and pages of work then throw it all back up on cue. Some students cant even stand to sit in a room cramming info for hours, It's impossible to concentrate for that long and not want to scream. Test's are the most stress provoking things in the world. You're being drowned by the pressure of making sure you do well so school doesn't kick your ass out, the thought of me taking my exams next week is suffocating me. I need to revise but here I am avoiding it like the plague because Que card by Que card a piece of my soul dies. I never want to see small rectangular pieces of card again.

I am surrounded by my friends who are sick to death of homework, essays and revision. Everyone wants it to be other with, so much so that a lot of people really aren't fussed as to whether these exams are going to go well. Education has literally drained all the ambition and motivation we ever had. We cant pursue the things we love because of all the revision and work we constantly get dumped onto us. Education is both helping and hindering people with their future.

Instead of treating every student the same they should be seen as the individual they are.

I just think there needs to be more consideration as to what the government are putting us students through. It can really fuck people up (sorry for the language but its true) both mentally with the stress and living up to everyone's expectation and physically because if you anything like me you've spent nights not sleeping or Friday afternoons exhausted from the week. It's harder than adults think, It's SO much harder when your actually in the system experiencing it than looking from an outsider's perspective.

Right, Post over if you made it this far I love you, Sorry for being MIA but for the reason refer back to paragraph 5 line 4. Got big hopes and Ideas for Auburn Em over this year so watch this space babes. 

Thankyou, Em x


  1. This is really interesting, I'm not from the UK (Belgium girl over here) but I can definitely see some similar things! I was so buckled under the stress especially in high school and uni because everything was so focused on achieving and being the best and if you were 'average' like me, you weren't even looked after.

    It was so frustrating. Like I have dyslexia but still managed to pass my journalism degree in 3 years without ever failing any of my writing classes, with avarage results. But people who did the same degree in 5 years with better results were considered the best! Like, still a bit upset over it all tbh :)

    anyway, great post love!

    1. Its crazy how similar education can be in other countries. And I'd be mad too! Sounds like you were brill in uni! Thanks so much Ella xx


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