Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Boohoo Wishlist: Summer

They're back guys, the shopping cravings are back. What with the city breaks and warmer weather coming I can't help myself stalking online shops and pining over my favourite pieces. However because I'm unemployed and broke for now I thought I'd share with you (Probably a human with money) my favourites so you could go check them out. This post Is gonna be about Boohoo (Not sponsored) as I've loved the site for years and they have some lovely stuff in at the moment which y'all need to see. Sorry if the photos are shite got them off Boohoo's website so they're not mine and I don't think they copied clear.
Okay some notes, Sorry if your sizes aren't in stock when you click on the links because that applies for me as well but I just wanted to include things I loved for all of you so some of you will find the rights sizes. Also I have just realised that a lot of the things are black and white, sorry not sorry. Links will be at the bottom of the post!

First up Gingham heaven! I hadn't yet fallen victim to the gingham craze until I searched it at Boohoo and holy moly I want it everything. There was also a ruffle culotte piece that I fell in love with but its completely out of stock luckily a guy from boohoo let me know on twitter that they are re-stocking it so ya know hallelujah.  But yes I'm loving the square neckline, very 90s. 
Next up Co-ords, I've never thought to look for co-ords online or in store but the ones I found on Boohoo are beautiful. I just think if you can find the perfect co-ord it makes you look so effortlessly put together plus you can get glam ones or more laid back. Also you can pair the outfits with cute ass accessories like bags, chokers and shiz. We're all winners.

On to crop tops which I've started feeling more comfortable in since I've been at the gym, not saying you need to go to the gym to feel comfortable but for me It's made a massive difference in my confidence. So I'm going to Leeds Fest and I want some nice tops but not like Coachella vibes because it's Leeds fest and I will more than likely be covered in mud from day one on wards plus its Leeds not the American desert. So these floaty loves are beautiful! 

Finally just some bits that I absolutely fell in love with, (I use that phrase too much). Especially the striped trousers which I NEED for my trip to Paris at the end of June *drools*. The culottes are something I've wanted forever and would be dreamy to wear in hot weather as the flowy material/style will keep you cool there are thinner ones that may be better. Onto the bikini which I think is from the Stella Hudgens range, It reminds me of what Triangl have brought out recently their velvet bikinis are stunning but I'm think boohoo are a way less expensive alternative and SO pretty.

So there you have it lovelies! Boohoo are serious slaying the fashion game at the minute, I'm loving it. Again not sponsored I mean that'd be lit but I'm still only a lil blogger gal. Let me know if you guys get any of these or if you're loving anything else!

Thanks, Em x

Gingham dress- http://buff.ly/2qY6mGx
Striped short co-ord- http://buff.ly/2rI9nrt
Knot top trouser co-ord- http://buff.ly/2rI9AuL
Striped maxi split co-ord- http://buff.ly/2rIcMGI
Fluted sleeve crop top- http://buff.ly/2rxnT7h
Tie front crop top- http://buff.ly/2r2oytM
Pleated wide leg culottes- http://buff.ly/2rxmuNL
Striped slim trousers- http://buff.ly/2rxiFs7
Velvet bikini- http://buff.ly/2sd1ddn


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  1. Some of these are so pretty😍


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