Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Hello lovelies! It's a late one tonight as I'm writing this. I've got school in the morning for the first time in AGES not gonna lie I am dreading it so instead of thinking about all the humans I'll be around tomorrow WE IS GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS SHIZNICK. 
Today was my first time using this balm as I only bought it on Monday and em hasn't been keeping up with her skincare like she should be so yano "Wagwan spots." I obviously needed to use it before this post so I gave it a spin this morning. 

Not knowing what to expect from a solid cleanser straight out of the tin. I was a little confused how I was going to apply it to the face without getting it under my nails and making a real mess. However I found it was easy to rub your finger into the balm and then massage the product into the face. This technique worked perfectly until another thought popped into my mind, because I have spots there is more than likely bacteria on my face. Therefore by me putting my finger onto the balm then on my face then onto the balm, would that cause some cross contamination or something? Maybe I'm over thinking it but I just want to give you guys my honest opinion and thoughts.

So onto the actual formula and product itself, once on the skin it was great and didn't become greasy or too thick on my face. I found myself comparing it to my usual cleanser the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and It did feel much lighter than the Liz Earle. The consistency is thin and a solid turned liquid once massaged/warmed, you also do not need lots of product which is ALWAYS great as it means your not gonna run out in a month. 

I wiped mine off with the muslin cloth I bought with the cleanser at Body Shop outlet store in York for £8.50. The muslin cloth was kind of a pain to use as It was crap at retaining heat but the product can be rinsed off and you could use a flannel. I then let my face dry on its own instead of using a towel because didn't want to cover my face in bacteria from my fam's faces and wiped off toothpaste. no tea no shade. 

The after affect of the cleanser wasn't a life changing result but It was so perfect for what I needed, I think I would definitely continue to use this in the morning as it's a light cleanser which means It wouldn't have to task off taking a whole days dirt off. The cleanser is also perfect for you sensitive skin lovelies as it is so gentle and light on the skin. Honestly I'm very happy I bought this, It smells divine and does what it says on the tin, Literally.

Thanks for reading my dears,
Em x

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