Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Where I Want To Be When I'm 25

I've been thinking about the future lately and where I want to be. I don't say it much out loud as I find people I am around don't really see blogging as a viable career choice for me but I guess that's because its new and not well known with older generations. BUT I want to blog full time and I started to believe it could actually happen recently.

I've grown up giving up on things I want to do (one could say dreams) I mean I've wanted to be a vet, actor, cake decorator, zoologist and whatever else. Every time somebody around me has just replied with all the problems it would cause and the ultimate reason for me giving up on said dream. And I know I should ignore people but when you're given issues straight to your face its hard to not listen.

I'm planning on going to university for an English literature course, I think because we're forced at such a young age to decide on what we want to do unless your sure the only option really is to get a general course that lead down several paths. I'm not confined to one career path, I've got a more narrow set of choices but I still have choices.

However when I think of myself happy in my mid twenties it's travelling, creating and being surrounded by encouraging like minded people. For me that is blogging, It's having my own space where I can express myself and create something that I'm passionate about. That's my blog. DATS AUBURN EM GURL.

I also want to be in a good place socially, in myself I've always struggled with friendships and the people I surround myself with. Lately I'm the best I've ever been with dealing with situations and reacting in the right way I mean damn I used to be so sensitive. So in the future I want to keep this shit up I want to keep gaining more and more friends and being independent.

I guess I just want to be in a good place when I'm 25 both emotionally and physically. Best case scenario: Sat in my own beautiful apartment in a vibrant city with my German shepherd and my fully functional blog taking me places. Yes I want a German shepherd. Big doggos are angels.

Thanks for reading this jumbled post, 
Em x


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