Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why Auburn Em Went On Standby Mode

Hello my Lovelies! Long time no me talking to you through a published blog post. Hope you're all well, I was about to apologise for my absence but that wouldn't be right. I had consciously made the decision to take time away from blogging and the up keep of Auburn Em. so yeah it went to shit for a while there but I'm back baby and y'all ain't even ready for the content that's coming. That brings me onto tonight's post.

Over the past couple weeks I have lost all motivation for blogging, I got into the toxic mindset of "I'm not getting anywhere so I might as well give up" Let me tell you that thought roots itself into your head your temporary/permanently screwed. As a blogger I very much don't take other bloggers successes in a negative way as I think that, bloggers especially should be celebrated when they get amazing opportunities as its a new business. I also think as humans we shouldn't be jealous or envious of others success but in fact use it as motivation and inspiration to achieve more and challenge ourselves further. However easier said than done right? I found myself getting frustrated that I wasn't getting the right photos, I wasn't getting the page-views and I wasn't getting the opportunities I'd hoped for. Normally this would make me want to work harder but instead I found myself giving up and losing my passion for this thing I want to spend the rest of my life working for.

That's when I said stop, stop getting mad at yourself for not writing that post or scheduling those tweets. Life happens sometimes and we need to put ourselves first whilst things like our passions have to take a back seat while we reboot. All my creative juices had been drained, I wasn't getting excited over photos or content and that's when I knew I needed a break. As a blogger and I'm sure a lot of you will agree, we feel this certain pressure to always keep up content whether its the blog, Instagram or Twitter. I know I get panicked when I'm not posting to Insta everyday cos those followers go walkabout SO quickly. But when you need some time away things like follower counts should be pushed to the back of your mind and you should focus on your mental health. I'm not saying I've got a mental health issue but everyone needs time out whether its from work, school or the people around you. No matter what you do you NEED to have some time away.

HOWEVER I'M BACK. I've had my time away to rethink and reevaluate my life and Auburn Em. I'm no longer going to force myself to post but I am going to become more consistent because knowing you guys enjoy my posts and creating them makes me so happy. I will no longer deny myself the pleasure of it.

If you made it through, I love you. Very exciting news, I'm off to Paris in the morning so expect lots of photos and posts soon. Don't forget to follow my social media for regular updates on whats gwarning with me. 

Love y'all,
 Em x 

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