Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 Things I Hate About Growing Up

Yes that is me looking like an absolute goof next to the Eiffel Tower, You're Welcome. This is actually my second post I'm writing today but It'll Wednesday when I publish so HAPPY WEDNESDAY FUTURE LOVELIES! What is gwarning? So this post I feel with resonate with a lot of you guys so lets just get started and talk about how becoming an adult is utter BULLSHIZ!

 1) Work- I mean who decided to turn the big ol' consumerism switch on and stop us from trading cabbages for an egg? I'd much rather be knee's deep in Yorkshire mud digging for potatoes and yet here I am dreading going to work at a pub filled with men and women with no patience and a inhuman want for alcohol. Screw you internet clothing stores for making me the greedy clothes monster I am today! 

2) The "So have you got a boyfriend?" question- No, I haven't and you know what I don't one, I can keep myself interested in my own life never mind another person. Sure I want someone to go running on the beach with but unless yo ass is Zac Efron I'm afraid you fall short of my unrealistic expectations. On a serious note I have become a very independant loner in the best way and I couldn't bare the thought of someone coming between me and my binge watching Glee. Shudder. 

3) Decision making- You want me to pick a University course? Darl I can't even decipher if a door is push or pull. Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I'm getting any wiser, do not make me decide the rest of my life because I will get bored of everything and want to move to the Caribbean immediately. 

4) People are Dicks- When you're little you don't really see the bad in people and you literally believe what everyone tells you, well that wears off eventually. Some people I used to see as God-like are now showing their true selves. I don't know if they're just changing now or I've just become aware of their shittyness but HOLY CHRIST there is some miserable melons out there. 

5) Awareness of Yourself- When we get old we start taking notice of what people think, if what you're doing is going to affect someone else. This conscience we get starts to rule our lives especially as young adults. I struggle with this stuff everyday but you've got to fight it because if you are happy and safe then what's the issue? Why do our lives become others business as soon as we step out of the door, far as I'm concerned they bloody don't. So Screw them, live your life cos for all we know you only have one of them. 

There you have it, the 5 reasons becoming an adult sucks ass, Thanks angels.
Em x 


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  1. I actually surprisingly like the self-awareness factor of growing up, I feel like while its annoying and difficult, I have just become so much more comfortable with myself and who I am as an individual. But I deff have to say that I HATE the boyfriend question with a passion. I am 23, and after I broke up with my ex, that is the question that gets thrown around at me so often -_-. I bloody hate it (that's trying to be english, but it's totally not working) xxx

    Melina |


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