Friday, 14 July 2017

HAIM - Something To Tell You

I know I'm sorry I haven't been as consistent as I'd promised but GOd this past week has been mental and I've never been so excited for the 6 weeks holidayz. So today is for ZE music and to be more specific today is for HAIM. 
Now I am not gonna sit here and say I'm HAIM's biggest oldest fan because I'm not, I have only recently got into their music but It's made me so happy that I found them  I first saw their advert for this album and 'Want You Back' was playing. Almost immediately I fell in love, their voices are so smooth and powerful at the same time It definitely was my kind of music. 

HAIM are not only the coolest gals I've probably ever seen but I saw them on Graham Norton and they seem like the NICEST people too. Honestly if artists are good people it makes me even more of a fan. The girls are all sisters which for me is so brill seeing a modern day family band absolutely killing it. I also need to address their style because it is 10/10 inspo for life, they have a vintage look that just unique plus their signature long flowing hair is serious goals. This style transfers onto their album both inside it and out. 

SO I'm going to wrap this review up pretty shortly as all I can say is LISTEN to it, If you love relaxing funky ass music you will adore this album. Its the perfect strut down the street own the world tune and who doesn't need that in their life.  My favourite songs so far are 'Want you back' and 'Found it in silence'.

Thanks as always guys, Em x 

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