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Hit Or Sh*t - Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

I got you a lil beauty post today, feels like forever since I wrote about make up. This post has been a long time coming and what better way to do it than the first post in a new series! Yes, 'Hit or Shit' is Auburn Em's new way of reviewing things for y'all. I thought instead of putting 'Review' on every post I'd make it into a snappy little series. Got to be honest not sure if someone else has a series titled the same but I legit just thought of it now so sorry not sorry. 

Kat Von D has been around for a while I remember first seeing her in a show about her tattoo shop and I thought she was pretty frickin cool. Then a few years later BAM she's started her own make-up line. So her brand is actually pretty new if you compare it to MAC. With fairly recently brands there can be issues with their products as there is still room to improve and grow as a brand this can be from formulas to marketing. However I am yet to find a fault myself. I also own the Liquid liner which long story short is RAD AF. A friend on mine does have the concealer and she said that it's really heavy and cakey, after showing me it did seem to sit heavy on the skin but that's one case so I don't want to condemn the product before I've tried it. I have however collected some of the Liquid Lipsticks and here's my thoughts... 

First up shade 'Nahz fur atoo' which is a vampy red, hence the name. It's gonna look super cute in autumn because of its deep rich colour.  I've also worn it as a winged liner using a brush and omg it look bomb af as it gave a great summer colourful look(just be cautious of transferring). It comes out a little lighter than in the tube but shit its pretty. The formula which is pretty much the same throughout the shades is a very lightweight wearable matte. So much so I nearly always wipe my mouth forgetting I've got lipstick on and it smudges lol. Other than aggressive rubbing of the mouth this shiz does not smudge. The only thing with this shade is that it is a little patchy at first but after a second application you're good to go. 

Onto 'Lolita' I got this one when the lipsticks were on sale on Debenhams website and I'M SO HAPPY I BOUGHT IT. It's a really wearable dark nude, with a mauve pink colour it literally goes with pretty much any look. With the next shade 'Bone n arrow' the difference between the two is that Lolita is much more nude pink whereas Bone n arrow is a more brow nude with a cool undertone. 

MY most recent Kat Von D purchase is the last liquid lip and the shade is 'double dare'. I bought this one because I wanted a more everyday nude that I could slap on with a basic eye look. I say basic eye look because of it being a more pink shade it can clash with some more dramatic eye looks but that's the reason you buy lots of lipsticks right? (I tell myself every time I see makeup counters)  

The liquid lips stay on for hours but they do come off after eating or if you wet your lips which is probably just because the formula isn't super heavy but hey that's also why they're so comfortable! For £17 a pop I would highly recommend buying one and seeing how they fair for you but If you take me for example you may be popping into your local Debenhams a few more times after. 

I would definitely rate these Liquid lips a HIT. Let me know in the comments something I should review next.. I think I'll be posting about the Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Glow Palette so look out for that dears. 

Thanks, Em x 


  1. I've always wanted to try their lippies! specially the color Lolita, which seems to be the cult classic. I have so many lippies, that I technically know I don't need it, but I want it oh so badly, aha! Great post Em xxx

    Melina |

    1. It's such a gorgeous shade I'd definitely treat Yo self!!! haha thanks melina xxxx


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