Monday, 3 July 2017

Let's Talk About Paris

 As previously mentioned in my last post I spent two days roaming the streets of the city of Paris. I must admit it wasn't the fairytale many make it out to be but that doesn't mean it wasn't special. The bustling streets and patisseries on every corner made me truly realise I was somewhere significant. A place with that many cake shops should be admired. It never really kicked in that I was in THE Paris, the one you see on the TV as a child and think of it as the epitome of sophistication. And yet it still contained the parts of reality that you wouldn't normally expect in the city of love.

First up we visited Notre Dame, this was the first attractions we saw and the flock of tourists was not suprising as it was SO beautiful. The building was impeccably detailed with both statues and gargoyles. The weather although cloudy was perfectly warm for a day of wandering around. 

We then ended the first day visiting the Eiffel Tower which weirdly didn't create the feeling I thought it would, this may have been down to me finding a wallet that had been pick-pocketed which you know kind of takes away the magic a little. The tower itself was AMAZING but the surrounding area? Filled with dead grass, metal industrial fences and con artists trying to distract you with fake petitions. I know this isn't quite the wanderlust post you were expecting but this is real there's no filter in real life. So with that in mind hold onto your bags guys cos Its gonna be a lil sketchy and I'm not talking about caricatures. The second day is where it all became a little more Paris.

Walking down the Champs de elysee was gorgeous maybe that's just my inner consumer talking because holy shit the shops were fancy af. Plus there was a sephora so Em was won over immediately (It had a red carpet and security guards... I mean come on). This part of Paris was what I envied in Gossip Girl and all the cute insta pics from my fave bloggers. It felt safer and more refined, basically it felt more like Paris. With a short walk past the shops we were greeted by the Arc De Triumph which is when I finally got the wow feeling (the one I failed to get at the Eiffel tower) I finally felt like I was in that magical place. Desperate for a even better view we decided to climb the 'Arc'  and oh it did not disappoint. I highly recommend doing this if you can, under 18's and under 25 EU residents can go to the top for free so winner winner chicken dinner.

Each afternoon around 5 we'd head back to the hotel desperate for a lay down from the constant exploring, then on both the nights we ended up at the same restaurant because OMG THE BURGERS AND COCKTAILS. It was also really close to the hotel and because we'd been walking all day the short distance was welcomed. If you're not a diverse eater like me you can easily find something simple or compliant with your taste in most of the restaurants/cafes which is fantastic when you're fussy af.  Now onto my favourite part of the trip, La Laduree. The patisserie of dreams.

I hope this post has given you the truth behind Paris and the beautiful places there. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I loved being a Parisian for two days. 

Em x  

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