Monday, 17 July 2017

Let's Talk Anxiety

Hey Lovelies, tonight's post is gonna be a little more laid back than the past few as I don't have any plans or guidelines that I'm wanting to follow so we're just gonna have a chat, a chat about Anxiety. 
Luckily in today's world Mental Health is more spoken about, more than it's ever been however there is still a massive stigma about it and In my experience (as everyone's different) It's that people don't don't take it serious. And yet it's one of the most serious problems in our world. Even though worldwide its not only affecting people but killing them, people are terrified of talking about it due to the reaction it receives. I'm not going keep talking about other people as I don't believe It's my job to do so, therefore I'm going to discuss my experience and how anxiety has affected me. 

I'm gonna say I haven't the worst anxiety in the world and this is not a cry for help. However just because I don't have the worst case compared to others doesn't mean it doesn't affect me just as bad. My anxiety shows up most with work, I'm currently working at a pub glass collecting and helping out at the bar when needed. For some this would be the worlds easiest job however for me its absolutely terrifying. Each time I have a shift I spend that day paralysed with Anxiety and I mean paralysed I find it hard to do tasks and I spend all day laid on my bed on my phone counting down the hours until I start work. For me it's a job that intelligence wise I can do easily yet when I think about it my stomach drops and I want to run. The thought of dealing with a customer in a busy pressuring environment makes my hands shake and my bowel twist (Keeping it real). And I hear you scream WHY GAL? I wish I could answer that because If I knew why I could fix it. I don't know why I'm scared shitless of some middle aged drunk men and some bitchy girl co workers and yet here I am already dreading the weekend. I'm actively looking for a different job in retail because that's more my thing, I would actually live for stacking shelves and helping the odd customer out. So if you know any retail jobs in Bradford hit me up. 

So where the real problem comes in is when I'm trying to tell people how I feel. They do not get it. People don't always understand why you feel a certain way when they don't feel like that. Anxiety is hard to relate to because not everyone has anxiety and everyone's anxiety is different. I find it especially hard with my dad who's life motto is "work work work" he can't understand that I prioritise my happiness over work because he cant see happiness without money. But that's a different thing altogether. 

All I'm trying to say is that when someone you know are suffering with mental health try to understand that it may be destroying their whole lives and it's not just something they can forget about. What may be a little task for you is a ginormous emotional mountain to climb for someone else. 

If any of you ever need a chat my email is on my about page and Ill be there with some slightly helpful advice.

Thanks loves, Em x


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  2. I completely agree with all of this. Just because things aren't worse doesn't mean you don't deserve to get better. I'm so proud of you for prioritising happiness xx

    1. So glad you got where I was coming from and Thankyou my lovely xxx
      Em (Auburn em)

  3. I can completely relate to this post! I suffer from GAD, and when I get extremely anxious, it can literally be my worst nightmare! If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here em xxx

    Melina |


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