Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Jumpsuit That Everyone Needs

Hello lovelies! Yes I'm finally being consistent with my posting because I want to take this shiz next level, I want to bop to the top. Or you know somewhere in the middle. I bet you're happy hear that there will be no mention of said trip to said city with said giant tower in. 

No, today my friends we are discussing the Jumpsuit that I thought would never be hung up in my bulging wardrobe. However it's there already well worn and waiting for it's next outing. This beauty is from Boohoo and I previously spoke about it in my boohoo summer wishlist however it was out of stock then. Luckily this bad boi came back in and ya gurl snapped that piece up quicker than my mother snaps up a sale item. 

I've got to say my favourite part of the jumpsuit is the culotte pants because they are SO comfy. I mean I've fallen in love with the culotte trend because lets be honest we all want to walk around all day in what feels like PJ's. Also when you're warm and sweaty a nice flowy set of trousers is very much welcomed. Another comfort feature, y'all don't have to wear a bra, I sure didn't and hell yeah it felt lit. If you are worried about freeing the tatas then the ruffle detail has you covered literally. 

Onto the more decorative side, It has cross over straps and of course Gingham is like SO in this season. I added a splash of colour with a burnt orange bag which meant the outfit was a little less monochrome but if that's yo thang then I'd say pair it with a black faux leather bag and maybe a gold chain? Yeah that might be pretty cool. 

SO here's the link to this showstopper:

Em x 

P.s My face in the last photo is brilliant, Love a closed eye shot. 

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