Friday, 11 August 2017

Em's Badass Cupcakes

  Hello lovelies! I was supposed to post on Wednesday but I never got to it. I did make the cupcakes then but didn't have any icing powder to do the buttercream. Alas! However they have been made and oh my they are GLORIOUS. Also can we just take a moment to admire these photos.

 So onto the recipe! I've been using this cake batter recipe since I could read a cook book so I promise it's tasty good. Honestly it's my holy grail recipe and it seems to be a crowd winner so why not give it a try!

Ingredients (Batter):
-115g Self-rasing flour
-115g Marg/butter
-115g Caster Sugar
-2 Eggs
-1/2tsp (depends on preference) Vanilla flavouring

Ingredients (Buttercream Icing):
- 50g butter
- 50ml milk* (may need to add more throughout mixing process)
-500g icing sugar (This makes a lot so you may have some left over #Winning)
-Sprinkles (optional)
*I used alpro coconut milk to give it a lil something something ya know.

-Basic; bowl, spoon and oven lol.
-Deep Muffin tin
-Cupcake cases (I didn't use any because I preferred it without but its up to you lovelies)
-Piping bag and nozzle


1) Preheat your oven to around 180 degrees. Once you've weighed your ingredients out put the caster sugar and butter/marg into a bowl then mix until light and fluffy.

2) Then add your eggs, you can weigh your flour before this point and add a little after each egg. This will just stop the mixture from curdling ( it splits, in which the egg separates the butter It's gross don't do it) Once all the eggs are combined add the rest of the flour and carry on mixing until everything is together.

3) Add your vanilla essence, which you can taste test to see how strong you want it! Then fill your cupcake cases, I use a ice cream scoop for equal measurements and easy filling (the fancy ones with the thing that pushes the ice cream/batter out of the scoop are best). If you're not using cases then lightly butter the muffin tin. TIP: Sprinkle some flour on the buttered tin to ensure the cupcakes wont stick, you can always put disks of greaseproof paper on the bottom on each muffin space too!

4) Pop those babies in the oven for around 20-25 minutes. Don't check them too much or the batter wont rise, once they are golden brown and produce a clear skewer when stabbed (not like murder) take them out to cool.

5) Leave them to cool in the tin first or you'll just burn yo self. Then take them out and put them on a cooling rack until there fully cooled (If no cases, get a butter knife and go around each cake pushing it away from the tin).

6) The buttercream is pretty easy just put the milk, butter and half of the icing sugar into a bowl and mix the crap out of it. It might make it easier to melt the butter a little so it doesn't clump but if you're up for an arm workout you go for it. Once it's all smooth add the rest of the icing sugar, If the consistency is too dry add little splashes of milk and continue to mix not too much though or it may be too runny!

7) If you're piping, cut the bottom pointy side of the bag so that your nozzle will come through the bottom. Then (TIP time boyos) get a tall glass and put the piping bag nozzle facing down into the glass. After that fold the top of the bag over the edge of the glass, it makes putting the buttercream in SO much easier. Scoop all the butter cream in then remove the bag from the glass and twist the top of the bag shut.

8) This is where practise makes perfect. You can do a test run if you want I always pipe a little so I know how much pressure I need to apply. Then just do your thang, start at the edge of a cupcake and swirl that bitch inwards y'all know the drill.

9) Sprinkle some pretty colours/chocolate on top and KABAM beautiful cupcakes that will change your life.

10) Eat them all and have no regrets.

 Okay Lovelies I hope you enjoyed slavering at this post cos I sure did. Let me know if you remake these beauties and tag me either on twitter or insta my handles are linked on the side bar. Love you all.

Thanks, Em x


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