Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hit Or Sh*t - Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero

Hello my Lovelies! I've decided that I'm gonna carry on calling y'all that whether you like it or not. Tough sh*t. Anyways onto todays post which is the second installment of dun dun dun HIT OR SH*T!

SO I've always wanted to buy a glow kit for ABH (I'm gonna shorten it) because they are such a cult favourite and I was dying to know what the hype was about. SO when I saw the mother land Sephora I had to scope out the ABH counter and see what's good. Of course my magpie like tendencies went straight to the glow, Pomade who? After getting this glow palette I was ready to bathe my face in it.

My first application was a glow-filled epiphany I honestly hadn't seen anything like it. I used 'Daydream' and it gave the prettiest pink with gold flecks and I did maybe over do it a little but I mean come on wouldn't you too? 

The formula of most of the shades is a little more glittery than some would prefer but I love that side of them because It just makes a look so much more fun. Plus I've found that 'Forever Lit' Is a more smooth creamy shade so you've kind of got the best of both worlds. They're all amazing to blend and of course hella PIGMENTED. 

The palettes is really difficult to find online I think it may have sold out legit everywhere but If you find yourself in a Sephora then at least swatch it and see for yourself because it really is a beautiful palette. 

 The swatches look darker than the other photos but I wanted to keep the swatches true to colour. Well if you can't tell already this product is a definite HIT to me! Thanks for reading as always my dears I honestly love y'all. 

Thanks, Em x 

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  1. That entire top row looks amazing! I actually don't have many highlighters, and the ones I do have are from BECCA cosmetics! I deff have to splurge on one of these next time xxx

    Melina | www.ivefoundwaldo.com


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