Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Reality Of Being A Blogger

Happy Sunday my lovelies! I've got to say my weekend is shaping up to be the best in months! I stuffed my face with food last night at a meal with my dad (He was actually upbeat and cracking jokes? WTF) and tonight I've got one of the gals coming round for hot tub time and movies! Honestly I'm a very happy girl this week. So onto the post...

So I've been thinking lately about what us bloggers actually do on a day to day basis and Jesus its a bloody lot. Some things less glamorous than others but all equally important for instance consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine in order to get that post up. 90% of bloggers are in love with their blogs and the other 10% are working tirelessly to get their blog where they want it to be. Whether you've perfected your blog or are trying to you are bossing the blogging world.

So the first thing I'm sure we can all relate to is the want and need everyday to be active.

No not running.

To be on twitter, uploading on instagram, keeping up to social media is for me the most difficult thing about blogging. Before I started blogging properly I was never on my phone and now I have to be or I know my follower count will decrease and therefore less people will see my posts. I know its not about the followers but god isn't it just a bit though? We all want to communicate with others and get a larger audience. No one wants to follow an account that never posts something and the blogging community is what is today because of all the lovely humans chatting and supporting each other.

Another thing us bloggers have to deal with is non bloggers. Now I ain't throwing shade but If I want to take a photo of my coffee let me DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO HAVE A PHOTO A DAY FOR INSTA DO YOU?! I'm all for living in the moment away from our phones but taking a quick shot of my sexy pasta dish or wanting someone to snap a pic of my outfit for me isn't exactly ignorant. It's just me thinking "I've got to have content to post this week so *snap*".

Next up is the difficulty of creating content. I really try and post three times a week on my blog, most times less than that because I'm slack af. But thinking of ideas that will not only suit your blog but will grab an audience can prove impossible at times. Then there's the thinking of what photos are going to go with this idea, then there's the thought (for me) how am I going to get these shots when I am de camera woman. When you've got that down well if you're lucky the rest is easy. However the words and or motivation don't always come straight away. I've been writing this post all day because it is difficult to create something that you're proud of and looks goods. It is hard work to run a brand because as bloggers that's what a lot of us are doing we're blogging, tweeting, taking photos, communicating with others and trying out best to be our best.

So the next time someone tells you they're a blogger you better know that person is a boss of their own brand and they work god damn hard.

Thanks Angels, Em x




  1. OMG, TOTALLY AGREEEE! It's so difficult keeping up with social media! The moment I want to take a break, I come back and all my followers have decreased. I think instagram is the hardest, cause I don't know how to post a picture a day! My life genuinely isn't that exciting. Especially on a day to day basis. We'll get through it together though! Great post as always em xxx

    Melina |

    1. Instagram is definitely the most difficult to keep up with, It easy to tweet but when oyu have to come up with photos OMG aghh. Yes! we will weather the storm with each other haha xxx

  2. Your Stitch mug is the cutest :) I totally relate to everything in this post. I've had to open new twitters and instas for blogging purposes, and it's so hard to get a respectable following on them when I'm already working to get more interest on my own blog. Like, I love my blog because I can put up whatever I want, and it looks cool because it's digital. Comments really really help though, and every extra follower does make me happy because it's a physical sign of hard work and play paying off. I also attempt to post 3 times a week, but I know I probably won't be able to sustain that when my workload gets heavier. It's hard to be your own boss really.

    1. I love it so much haha stitch is my favourite! Its so hard to juggle both your virtual social life and youre actual social life. blogging has a lot of difficulties when you think about it xx


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