Friday, 4 August 2017

Why I'm Done Trying To Impress People

Hello Lovelies! Hope you are all very well, Ive had THE most relaxing day so I thought I'd end it with a blog post I've been wanting to write for a while. As I've grown up, mostly in the last year I've realised a lot about myself and just life in general...
Ever since I was about 7 I've always been a people pleaser especially with friends. I mean I would do anything to make sure people liked me and I was accepted, even wear elasticated jeans and a flannel with a hood.. I know It was messy.

 But lately for lack of better words I just couldn't give a f*ck. Honestly I've always wanted to be someone else or act a different way for so long but 1)It's impossible you will always be you even if its on the inside and 2) Why the hell should I change myself for somebody else?

The people I felt like I needed to change for never said they wanted me to change or ever directly gave me that idea but I think as humans sometimes we want to over please the people we like. This isn't always a bad thing but in this process there is a risk of losing yourself. 

I know my dad doesn't really love my style and my attitude sometimes (I have feminist ideals). I don't think he was expecting a daughter who hates bright pink and would rather wear pants than a skirt to a meal. It used to really get to me so I bought more dresses but shit they were still Em dresses, full black velvet and all that good stuff. It just shows you can try dress, act or even speak like someone else but you can only play that role for so long. I used to be PISSED I wasn't like the girls I was friends with I didn't have all the lads chasing me I hated showing off my body and wearing 'Girly' clothing. 

But I love myself now. I love I'm really independent, I love my style and I actually love my body. It's been a long road to all this lovin' and don't get me wrong some days I'm like shit what's going on here? But I'm finally content with who I am so why does it matter if someone else isn't. Instead of worrying if someone else is going to love us we need to learn to love ourselves first.

So that was a pretty deep post. I've just been thinking about how different my life is and for me blogging is about sharing these changes and hoping it helps one of you lovelies out there. 

Thanks my angels, Em x 


  1. OMG, I've always been such a people pleaser too! In the last year or so, that's changed a lot. I like to make people happy, but at the end of the day, I realize I have to take care of myself.

    Speaking of, I have to say I really love flannels with hoods on them! I love flannels in general though, lmfaoo. But I totally get what you're getting at, aha! I'm so glad that you've been embracing yourself, your body, your ideas, and just YOU! Great post em xxx

    Melina |

    1. When I mean flannels I mean a really bad brand (I had a chav stage haha)!! I've only just realised I have to look after myself as well, when your a caring person it can be hard to see that you yourself needs care too. Thank you melina Sending love across the pond! xoxo

  2. Good for you! If you're not 100% yourself, the main person who will suffer is you. If people can't accept you for who you are, then that's their problem, not yours :)

    1. Exactly! You deserve to be true to yourself xox


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