Friday, 15 September 2017

Why I'm back and Why I'm Staying

Hello my lovelies, no I'm not dead, well I'm exhausted if that counts but I'm still breathing and smiling. Before we start my comeback post I'll explain my photo choices. Each photo shows a time where I was truly lovin' life whether if its at my birthday party with all my angels (below) or at the races with my bro and dad. This posts about happy things so how fitting these pics are. SO onto the post.

 So I took a leave of absence because like many times before blogging became a chore, a chore that I could ignore unlike my untidy room. It started comparing myself to other bloggers again and well you get the gist. Its been a month since my last post, exactly a month actually which wasn't planned but I guess that's how the world works.

The reason I'm back however comes down to the old saying" you don't know what you've got 'til its gone" or something like that. I missed blogging. SO MUCH. I missed the photos, the people and the feeling I get when I post something that I am so proud of. Coming home on a night when I don't have work or homework, I felt like there was something missing and duh it was blogging.

Which brings us here, to this very post. I'm back and I'm going blog the way I want and when I want. I really need to take the pressure away and put the fun back into it. It probably means that I may never win an award but I'm okay with that because I'll be enjoying myself every time I post. WOW SO CHEESY.

So I'm done testing your guy's gag reflex, have a good one angels.

Em x


  1. I MISSED YOU! I'm so glad you're back and feeling good :)

    Melina |

  2. Welcome back! Those pictures are so cute and happy!


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