Wednesday, 6 December 2017


I haven't blogged in a while and I guess this is why. I haven't felt extraordinary enough to do so.
I haven't changed the world or invented a life changing device. I haven't climbed a mountain or discovered a new species. If I don't have anything exciting to talk about should I even be talking? And if so, what should I talk about? Make-up? My favourite coats? School? There all legitimate blog topics and I'd love to talk about every single one but what would it do. It wouldn't change someones life right?

This is what I think about A LOT. I have a huge fear of being average for the rest of my life. When I say average I mean never travelling for a career, winning an award or writing a best selling novel. I'm scared that my life long routine will be education. Work. Home. Repeat. Sprinkle in some nights out and cinema trips and you've got my life. By the way I'm not complaining about my life it is AMAZING (at times). But I can't stop the feeling of wondering what else? What else is there? I know there's more It's just the question of if I get there, can I get there? *Lots of rhetorical questions up in here* Maybe we all feel this from time to time, the fear of never being 'Special'.

If you've ever read/watched 'The Fault In Our Stars' (bear with me pls) then you'll be familiar with the character Augustus Waters. The happy go lucky charm boat, who also "Fears oblivion" pardon the cheesy edgy teen quote. But if we really think about it so do a lot of us non-fiction people. We get frustrated with every day, the routine that bores the shit out of us. Same thing Monday to Friday. I mean how many people want to be famous now a days? It's not for me but there's lil' Kardashian's strutting around everywhere, selfie queens unite.

So this leads me onto the solution, if there is one. Are we as a society filled with unbelievably high standards set by the insta-models and guess-what-country-I'm-in-today-bloggers. If so then I believe the solution is to work your arse off to become one of those people which some do and bravo from me as I am, just like many, extremely jealous. However if you canny be arse with that, then I think we have to find the extraordinary in our everyday lives, whether its the puppy outside the Co-op or walking into class and finding out your teacher is off. Maybe the whole point is to live for these moments and live IN these moments. There is of course the less romantic and gooey alternative that we're all a bunch of miserable bastards.

I guess I'll leave this one for you guys to figure out. For me I think I'll keep smiling at dogs and crying with happiness cos of a free lesson.

Have a good one, Em

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  1. 'Big bloggers' have set really high standards for bloggers, I completely agree. As a blogger you're almost second best if you're not travelling the world, working with the biggest brands in the world or posing for outfit photos in fancy locations every week. It definitely frustrates me. Whilst this is great and good on those who are successful bloggers and have the capacity to do such things, I much prefer 'normal' bloggers; people I can actually relate to and connect with. Just keep doing you. Chloe x


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