Wednesday, 7 February 2018

8 Reasons why you need to see The Greatest Showman

Okay so very rare do I have moments of goose-bump inducing utter joy, but oh boy have I experienced that. 'The Greatest Showman' starring the likes of Hugh Jackman, Zendaya and Zac Efron is an absolute masterpiece! I'm not going to explain the plot cos I'm not spoiling this for anyone. So without further ado here we go, your motive (if needed) to get your sen to the cinema...

1) The Intro- Without letting anything slip, you will be absolutely living your best life within the first 10 seconds, trust me.

2) ABSOLUTE TUNES EVERYWHERE- I not gonna lie the first ballad I was like shit Is this gonna be like La La Land which I really enjoyed but got sick of the singing about 10 minutes in. BUT OH NO I WAS WRONG, the songs are literal bangers. So much so the album was downloaded on my phone as soon as I got home. I'd also like to add it was a real joy hearing Zac Efron sing again, we've missed you Mr Bolton.

3) Zendaya- A Queen.

4) Hugh Jackman- Slaying the songs, I mean what a bloody babe. Les Miserables did not showcase that mans talent because his voice is not just deep and revolution inspired, its got that pitch *pretends to have singing knowledge* variety...

5) Zac Efron- A King.

6) The Story- Oh lord did I leave that cinema feeling like a winner, the story is so uplifting and it just makes you so freaking happy. Like I need to start every morning with a dose of feel-good circusness.

7)The non-known stars- A lot of the characters are played by actors of whom I didn't recognise but it was so fresh to see actors that I didn't know because they were all so brilliant, and their voices. Well I'm extremely salty about how they can sound like that and I sound like I've got the Aussie flu in need of about 20 soothers.

8) Did I mention Zendaya?

Well turns out 10 is a hard number to reach even if you 10/10 love a film. Listen just go and watch it you will not be disappointed.

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