Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Leeds Kitty Cafe A.K.A Heaven

When trying to think of something special for my mum for Christmas that wasn't a scented candle or a fancy vase I decided I wanted to buy her an experience. My first thought was Peter Kay tickets but ya gal would have to have sold a kidney to get them tickets (turned out for the best cos he cancelled his tour). THEN I somehow remembered about this cat cafe opening in Leeds and without a second thought I booked a table for two.

I first wanted to make sure that it was legit and the cats were super looked after, so I was pleased to see the HUGE space the cats had and the VERY secure door system which meant there was no chance of the cats escaping into scary busy Leeds. 

Everywhere you looked there was toys, scratch posts, beds, raised walk ways. It just meant that the cats could get away from you if they wanted, but most of them were pure lovin' life wandering around nicking bits of food. 

So the cats were extremely sassy. They looked at you like they were deciding whether you were worthy of their attention like the fury God's they are. I was also extremely pleased at the amount of cute fluffy kittens that were having the time of their lives either playing or napping (insert napping kitten below) 

So not only were the surroundings and hairy angels great but so was the food, oh my lord the FOOD. It was a present so I said to momma bear get whatever you want, so we both went for the meal deal, where you get a main, dessert and drink for just under £10. I ordered the orange hot chocolate which in all honesty wasn't great, I think my grievance over Costa's Christmas ones blurred my judgement. Me and mother both ordered mozzarella and pepperoni paninis which were just out of this world and  beautifully large. To finish I had the Mississippi Mud Cheesecake, It was immense and It changed my life. That's all. 

You have 1 hour in total for your booking, which is just enough to gawk at the cats and enjoy a lovely lunch. It honestly was one of the best experiences I've had and I will definitely be going again. If you're near Leeds or Nottingham (their other branch) I'd definitely book yourself in because you will not regret it. Unless you're dog person, if so this may not be the place for you. 

To end on a high note: Looking over from our table we saw the smallest black kitten setting of on a journey to a table offering hot chocolates with whipped cream. Before anything could be done that little angel was enjoying the topping with every tiny little lick, all whilst the owners of the drinks were somewhere else unknowingly playing with cats. Safe to say they should've put food guards on before leaving whipped cream in a room full of sassy ass cats.

 Lil' Kitten you the real MVP. 


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