Friday, 9 March 2018

Lush Life-Savers

Well hello there! I know it's been a hot minute since I posted and it's being a god damn century since I wrote about skincare. So today the topic is all things LUSH! My ride or die products which I will be repurchasing for years to come. Without further ado, LETS GO.

When I got this mask for Christmas I had no idea how it was going to work, how does one rub jelly on ones face and It not turn out horribly wrong?? Turns out you have to rub it in your palm and it becomes more 'liquidy' and therefore SO easy to put on ya beautiful faces. This one in particular is easy to turn into a paste, I have one other and it seems more jelly.... If you get my drift. 'Just To Clarify' is a favourite of mine because of it's exfoliation, it also gives your skin such a refreshing virbrant feel. I find it difficult to not use this baby everyday. SIDENOTE: when wearing, it looks like a baby has thrown up on your face.

The honey lip scrub! I've talked about this product before but now more than ever it is changing my life. I say this because It's freaking freezing and my lips keep falling off, which you know isn't great. But with a lil rub of this on ya lips you will be ready to kiss any burrito. Plus its edible so ya know free meal. (This is not a meal replacement, eat a burrito. be happy)

If you love coffee then you will be obsessed with this mask, if not avoid at all costs. If you DO then go buy buy buy. I use this in the shower, I shave, apply a hair mask then smother this exfoliating mask all over ma bod and sit for 5 mins thinking about philosophy and dogs I'm going to have when I'm older. It smells divine and is super easy to wash off so winner winner chicken dinner.

Last but not least, Tea Tree Toner water spray. My spots love this stuff because of its antibacterial properties and holy shit is this refreshing to spray on your face in the morning. I use it after I've washed my face then I let it dry and moisturise. I will be buying a bigger bottle when I repurchase cos I use some much #drenchedlife. For me it also feels slightly moisturising as it evens out the texture of my face which is brill for makeup application.

So there you have it, my Lush Life-Savers. I can say hand on heart that these products help my skin so much and have changed the texture of my skin immensely. Ovbiously it wont have the same effect on everyone as skin reacts differently depending on what skin type you have. The best way to find you perfect skincare routine is through trial and error, and tailoring your products to the condition of your skin E.G. richer moisturiser for dryer skin. If any of these products help let me know! Also comment any Lush faves of yours too!


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  2. I love tea tree water, it's so good for your skin and so refreshing at the same time. Cup O'Coffee is one of the only Lush masks I haven't tried, but I'm not a fan of the scent of coffee so I think I'll steer clear.

    Chloe x

    1. The toner is AMAZING and yeah its super strong so maybe not haha x


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