Saturday, 5 May 2018

we need to stop worrying about dumb shit

Hey my friends, how are we all? I'm currently a massive ball of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.. But hey that's the education system for you. ANYWHO. Today's post is inspired by all the dumb shit I've done recently or things I've done that others think is dumb shit. My mind has been super swamped with thoughts of anxiety, embaressment and shyness, when in the previous couple of weeks I was full of excitement, creativity and optimism. SO yeah that's been really difficult to try get back to.

First of all what do we mean by dumb shit? I mean the little things like seeing all the drunk videos on your snapchat memories after a night out, or making a joke in class that falls flat on its arse. You know? those dumb little things that kind of destroy your soul for years to come. I've had quite a lot of those recently therefore ya girls soul is super destroyed (alas I am on the mend). These little things don't effect everyone, it's normally the more anxious people whereas more confident people can naturally shrug it off and have forgotten about it within less than 24 hours. If so then maybe this post cant help you but maybe you can help us? Pls help us.

So you did the dumb thing, didn't think it was dumb at the time due to exhaustion, alcohol etc.. But now you remember the dumb shit you've done, then you remember every dumb shit you've ever done and you think you're gonna spontaneously combust. Well you're not. 9 times outta 10 we're worried because we think people saw us do it (throw up, fall, middle finger) and maybe they did but It is almost a guarantee that they are not thinking about it either at all or as much as you are.

This brings me onto the solution. First of all if you can help it, maybe do less dumb shit. But lets be honest, the second you have a jager or you're in a bad mood shit is going to get dumb. So we still need a solution, which brings me on this: DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Now believe me I know this is a lot more easier said than done but a wise tweet once said "If you're not embarrassed then it's not embarrassing". (it is embarrassing how long it took me to spell embarrassing). We make these 'happenings' worse by thinking about them SO much. Like so much, every time we're alone much, mostly when you're on the toilet though. That twang of remembrance like a bullet to the head, you can't help but cringe until the pain goes away. You just gotta think "Well fuck that happened but guess what it's done now, I need to get over and so does everyone else" If you walk from the situation not giving a crap then everyone else will be like "oh she/he doesn't give a fuck....NEXT". or maybe they will call you a freak for a while cos you high pitch screamed in someones face but it won't bother you if you're over it. You know?

I'm a queen of doing dumb shit, normally when intoxicated but lets not chat about that.. So if you ever want to message me to talk about it I'm here, also here if you wanna do dumb shit together.. but only if we don't care afterwards? Right?

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